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Theoretical Hierarchy of Development

October 09, 2013

If you don’t know who Greg Glassman is, shame shame.  He’s the founder of CrossFit.  No, he didn’t invent the squat, running 400 meters, or doing pull-ups, but he did integrate the best of gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning to form this fitness program.  

He also wrote many great articles about fitness, on a very theoretical and practical level.  Below is his theoretical hierarchy of development and an excerpt from the What Is Fitness? article.

He writes:

“A theoretical hierarchy exists for the development of an athlete. It starts with nutrition and moves to metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and finally sport. This hierarchy largely reflects foundational dependence, skill, and to some degree, time ordering of development. The logical flow is from molecular foundations, cardiovascular sufficiency, body control, external object control, and ultimately mastery and application.

We don’t deliberately order these components but nature will.  If you have a deficiency at any level of the “the pyramid” the components above will suffer.”

This is a great little nugget of knowledge, and if you’ve never read What Is Fitness?, then take 10 minutes right now and read it.

Yup, Luke is saying something very serious is going down.


All Levels Class

Skill: Hang cleans


Beginner  Class


1 hang power clean + 2 front squats

5 sets, increasing the weight each set

Ring work practice


10 minute AMRAP of:

4 power cleans (bodyweight/ .67% bodyweight for women)

8 hand release push-ups

100 meter run

Women’s Class

Skill: Back squat

2-2-2-2 for beginners

2×5 @ 80%, 2×3 @ 85%, 2×1 @ 90% 1 rep max for intermediate

Advanced Class

Part A x 4:

A1: 4 back squats (80% of 1 rep max)

Rest 30 seconds

A2: 15 burpees as fast as possible

Rest 3 minutes


Power Elizabeth

21-15-9 reps of:

Power cleans (135#/93# for women)

Ring dips

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