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So What It’s All About?

June 04, 2014

Yo Mergers!  We’ve been getting a ton of interest about our World’s Best Boot Camp program, and we greatly appreciate you spreading the word so much.

You’ve been hitting us up with lots of great questions, so I complied a list of the FAQs.  So here you go.

Question:  Can guys do the boot camp?

Answer: Yes!  Our current platoon is about 35% guys, so yes, the program is for men and women.

Question: Where are the Physical Training (PT) sessions held?  Is it at a park?

Answer: The PT sessions kick it right here at CrossFit Merge, in our spacious gym.

Question: When are the PT sessions?

Answer: PT sessions are Mondays at 7:30am, Wednesdays at 8pm, and Saturdays at 8am.  Boot camp troopers can attend any two out of the three PT sessions during the week.

Question: Is there any other training or any other aspects to the program?

Answer: Hell yeah!  There is at home Bonus training, nutrition resources, supplement advice (fish oil).  So yes, it’s a complete package of services designed to give you results both physically and mentally.

Question: Who’s the World’s Best Boot Camp for?

Answer:  Anyone that’s looking to change their routine and do something that really works!

Maybe you just had a child and need to ease back into fitness…

Maybe you’re recovering from an injury…

Maybe it’s your first time ever working out but you want to try something…

Or maybe, you’re fed up and ready to declare that sweat pants at the beach in July is not acceptable and it’s time to GET YOUR SEXY BACK!

If you have friends and family members that want to jump into this thing and really change their lives, then have them give us a call at (818) 319-6633 and we can hook them up.


All Levels Class

Skill: Deadlifts

5 reps at 65% of 1 rep max

5 reps at 75% of 1 rep max

Max reps at 85% of 1 rep max

Beginner Class

Skill: Deadlift

20 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep max

(try to pass the Beginner Level Test)


75 double-unders, then:

5 rounds of:

5 deadlifts

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups

Finish with 75 double-unders

Advanced Class

The CrossFit Merge, Trial By Fire Workout

A fight to the death against this guy

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