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  • Cristina Sandoval

    My family didn't really know about swimming lessons, sport leagues, dancing lessons and what not... Which was fine because I spent most of my childhood on a ranch, running, biking, jumping off trees, rocks and getting into as much trouble as I could. So needless to say, I was very active.

    Fast forward to 2008 and you find me dehydrated, consuming fast food at 2 am, sleeping maybe 4-5 hrs a night and delirious… No I wasn't a party animal… I was in grad school. I knew I had to do something because I was not happy with myself. Dear ol’ Chester knew I had heard of CF from a friend and so he dragged me to CFER for their week free promotion. I went, looked around the empty box, limited equipment and small board on the front of class and then I saw the smiling coaches (Paul and Andie). They had me at hello… I’ve been a dedicated CFER athlete since they opened and with great support, I earned my CF-1 cert to be part of this box.

    CF has really helped me manage my stressful job as a child mental health therapist. My career as a Social Worker is my passion but CF keeps me focused and sane. The box is my therapy. I feel great when I can help an athlete improve their technique or accomplish a goal. I might not always have an answer, but I’ll make sure to look for one.

    Cristina holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Weightlifting


  • Michael Juarez

    Benching, curling, half squats and some power cleans is what you would have found me doing at the local 24-Hour Fitness until my cousin, Jason (Coach JO), pushed me to try CrossFit.

    My first WOD left me lying on the floor, dizzy and not knowing where I was. When I finally came to my senses, I instantly fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment. In addition to the great workout, I felt genuinely welcomed by the community and was overwhelmed by all of the encouragement they provided. I knew that I wanted to be part of it, so I began to look for ways to get involved.

    Being at CrossFit Eagle Rock has helped me grow into a young adult, due to having great mentors around me. Rather than settling with what I have, they have helped instill the drive to want more for myself. They are constantly helping me look for opportunities to grow. Having others who believe in me has improved my self-confidence both in the gym and in my daily life.

    After about eight months at CrossFit Eagle Rock, I decided to get my Level 1 Certification. My intention was to become a coach so that I could help others boost their self-confidence through achieving new levels of fitness and accomplishing challenging movements.

    One of my favorite aspects of CrossFit is Olympic Weightlifting. I recently earned my USA Weightlifting Certification and love to share my new and improved understanding of weightlifting with the athletes at CrossFit Eagle Rock.

    Come try out an Oly class with Coach Vince and myself! It will be a great experience!

    Michael holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
    Olympic Weightlifting


  • Mike Orta

    Mike has been an athlete his entire life. He was privileged to have the opportunity to participate in both college football and track, but shortly into his college years, he enlisted in the United States Navy to serve a greater purpose.

    During his time in the US Navy, Mike learned to push himself far beyond the limits he imagined existed. He spent endless hours training to become a Search and Rescue Swimmer and has successfully made rescues in the Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf. Mike then became a Communications Technician and was ordered to Coronado, California where he was originally introduced to CrossFit–style workouts in 2004.

    Mike was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2008 in the best shape of his life and found himself searching for something more than the typical gym scene. He found a CrossFit box on his way to work one morning, and the rest is history; he had found the niche he was searching for.

    After doing CrossFit consistently for a year, Mike decided that he wanted to help people reach their fitness goals and became CrossFit Level 1 Certified. He got the opportunity to coach at CrossFit Shifted in Palm Desert, CA and soaked up as much as knowledge as he could during his experience there. He brings that experience and positive energy to the box everyday. Mike says, “To me, every workout is a team workout. The team (class) begins together, and even though we all finish at different times, we are going to make sure all of our teammates finish as well!”

    Outside of the box, Mike enjoys spending time with his children, friends, hiking, reading, and taking road trips.


  • Pam Wong

    I am one of those lucky people who was thrown into sports at an early age. I started competitive swimming at the age of 10 with my two sisters, was part of the Division III Championship team for the Rio Hondo league in high school, and completed four years of Division I swimming at UC Santa Barbara (go Gauchos!), finishing off my swimming career as Team Captain. After those 11 years, I thought I was done being competitive. Then, I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010.

    Like most people who try CrossFit, I was immediately addicted and that competitive spark was fired up again (it also helped that my twin sister started CF as well… so game on!). The aspect of being part of a community in which everyone was working toward a similar goal of health and fitness was refreshing. CrossFit played into my motivation to get back into shape (and it wasn’t happening at a globo gym), and it was fun! Needless to say, I look and feel more in shape now than I did 10 years ago! I feel more confident about my body, I learned a tremendous amount about nutrition since beginning CrossFit, and as a matter of fact, I often say I wish I had CrossFit back when I was swimming in college because it would have made me a better/stronger athlete.

    I walked through the doors of CrossFit Eagle Rock in 2012, and I’ve never been happier. With the support of the coaches and the community, I have competed in individual and team competitions. In just this year alone CFER inspired me to get my CF-L1 in hopes that I can continue to not only learn about the sport but to help other members develop efficiency in their movements and progress to RX. I also hope to be able to share my experiences as an athlete to help others prepare for competitions, help them reach their fitness goals, and have fun with a group of amazing and unique individuals.

    Pam holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


  • Paul Austad

    Paul is a dedicated goal driven individual and coach. His success started in high school where his high school football team won the state championship in 2000. He was recruited to play at William Penn University where a winning season wasn’t touched for 25 years. His goal…”We will have a winning record before I leave.” In four years as a player, the team continued to improved, but a winning season was not a part of this. Paul had the opportunity to return to Penn as the wide receivers coach in 2005, which was the position he played through college. That season, the Statesmen had their first winning season in 29 years.

    With their success, Paul felt it was time to move on to his next goal, move to Los Angeles. He has lived in Los Angeles for over three years and loves it.

    CrossFit came through his sister Anne. She has been an active CrossFitter for over two years and is a top 100 competitor in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open. Anne and Paul have shared a passion for helping people and a desire to give back to others in the community. Working at CrossFit Eagle Rock allows for Paul to stay active coaching and helping others improve their lifestyles. “Everything we do is a choice we have made, creating a documented path allows us to make educated choices. CrossFit Merge and Eagle Rock are an everyday lifestyle. Live well!”

    Paul holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Kid


  • Peter Vo

    I fell into CrossFit as most members do. I’d been playing football throughout my childhood and was lucky enough to continue through college at Occidental (Io Triumphe!) I was working out constantly! Needless to say, I ate like a young college guy should (2am taco truck run? Why not!?) but still maintained a svelte 160 lbs.

    Then college ended, and so did my physical activity. I wasn’t motivated at all to workout because I was so used to coaches and teammates yelling at me and pushing me. Unfortunately, my eating didn’t change and I gained close to 30 pounds within 2 years! That’s the way it was for me until I got an invite from a close friend to watch a crossfit competition at Oxy and decided I needed a change.

    Once I stepped into the box at CFER, I knew this was where I needed to be. Coaches that yell at me…check. Teammates to support and challenge me...check. Getting me back to my college weight…check! The icing on the cake was meeting the friends that I have at the box who genuinely motivate me to get there when I want to be a “pile.” Yes, I drank the juice and now I’m preaching it! Fast forward one year, a Level 1 Certification later, and I’m feeling better than ever.

    I coach at CFER with hopes that our athletes feel the same way that I did, whether it’s in our regular or endurance classes. You provide the positive attitude, and I’ll provide the motivation! I’ll be your best cheerleader, as long as you have proper form =).

    Peter holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


  • RaNaye Carrigan

    Born and raised in Minnesota, RaNaye participated in many sports throughout her youth. During college at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, she began distance running to keep busy and was able to accomplish multiple goals, including completing two marathons.

    After graduating college, RaNaye was introduced to CrossFit through her friend, Anne. She loved the high intensity level of the workouts, the competitive nature of the sport and the positive attitudes of the coaches and other athletes.

    RaNaye became a CrossFit Level 1 Certified coach in 2011 and has been coaching since. She says, “There aren’t many things that are more fulfilling than witnessing people accomplish goals they have been working hard towards. No matter how big or small the goal, it is something to be proud of, and it is my favorite part of coaching.”

    RaNaye moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and is very excited to be part of the CrossFit Eagle Rock team and community.

    RaNaye holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


  • Lizette Solis

    One of my biggest passions in life is fitness. I started working out in a gym setting for the first time in college. I always gravitated towards group classes as opposed to the generic treadmill/elliptical and dumbbell routines. I found training on my own to be boring, and I felt that working out with other people gave me that push and competitive drive I enjoyed from team sports. I quickly became a gym rat. Working out was an essential part of my day. A friend of mine suggested I try out a Muay Thai kickboxing class, and I instantly fell in love. I trained in Muay Thai for 5 years, and hold an amateur record of 3-1.

    In 2010 I suffered a lower back injury while grappling, and was taken away from the sport. After recovery, I felt like I tried every group training class under the sun. It was fun experimenting with so many different types of movement, but I had yet to find another workout that was as fulfilling and challenging. That was until a random encounter with Crossfit in 2011 at the CrossFit Games. From the first workout, I knew this was something I had to try ASAP. I went home that day and googled “CrossFit” and “90041”, my zip code, and a splash page for CrossFit Eagle Rock came up.

    I guess you could say the rest is history. From my first wod at CFER I was hooked. Fast forward to 3 years later, and I’m a certified Level 1 and CF Kids trainer. Training the athletes at CrossFit Eagle Rock is so fulfilling. I’m inspired everyday by the hard work everyone puts in, and it pushes me to strive to be better.

    Lizette holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Kids


  • Brian Wohlgemuth

    Favorite WOD: Squat Clusters - The thing I love most about this one is that it pushes you beyond what you think is possible. It forces you to put yourself in a scenario in which you’re unsure whether or not you will make the later lifts. The challenge is so much mental as it is physical. As much as I LOVE coffee, I must admit this workout will wake you up in so many ways that a cup of the finest brew wishes it could.

    Favorite movement: Heavy back squats, snatch, clean & jerk. If I had to pick one it would be the back squat. Nothing better than firing up that central nervous system in the company of some enthusiastic, like minded comrades.

    Least favorite WOD: Diane

    Least favorite movement: Handstand push ups

    Started CrossFitting: June, 2011

    Workout music of choice: I’m all over the map as far as music goes. Sometimes hard n heavy, sometimes more cerebral and vibey. The only prerequisite is that it must be inspiring.

    Workout shoes of choice: Reebok nano 2.0′s, Vans, Chucks.

    Other interests: Coffee, sci-fi, action, psychological thrillers, skateboarding, the infinite quest for the best burger(s), rock n’ roll.

    Favorite TV Show Character: Walter White, Draper, Sulu, B.A. Baracus, Van Alden, Omar, Mcnulty, etc.

    Brian holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Coach’s Prep Course


  • Marianoel Sulgatti-Amlaner

    I grew up in a very athletic home where my parents pushed my brother and I to be heavily involved in sports from a very early age. From Taekwondo classes, to swimming classes, to archery, and everything in between, I’ve done and been rather successful at. CrossFit definitely was a challenge...and I had to overcome! Well, I’m still overcoming!

    I fell in love with CrossFit from day one, literally. I even completely changed my career to help others experience what this awesome lifestyle is all about. I’ve been blessed beyond measure and my goal is to help others see their potential and achieve it.

    Here are a few things about me:

    Favorite WOD: “DT” is great! I love the the deadlift and hang power clean combo. “Hansen” rocks and last but not least, “Annie”.

    Favorite Movements: Deadlifts and hang power cleans. Also double-unders and GHD sit-ups (although those leave my abs so sore I can’t laugh for the next week lol!). Back squats and snatches, too! Oh and pull-ups, and box jumps, and I could literally go on forever :D I love CrossFit!

    Least Favorite WOD: Anything with running.

    Least Favorite Movement: Anything that involves running, rowing or wallballs. Oh, Karen...

    Started CrossFitting: February 2011

    Workout Music of Choice: anything with a good beat.

    Workout shoes: My inov-8′s and the Reebok Nanos.

    Other Interests: My awesome husband, my adorable dogs Bella, Hercules and Rambo, my incredible family, my wonderful church, and music (I’m a classically trained opera singer!).

    Favorite TV Character: I don’t watch much TV, but off the top of my head, I’d say Rachel from Friends. Lately I’ve enjoyed Downton Abbey, a lot.

    Marianoel holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Movement and Mobility
    1st Degree Black Belt – Taekwondo & Judo


  • Lauren Hill

    Crossfit Level 1 Certified

    Growing up in SoCal afforded me the privilege of being outdoors and playing every sport, all year around. I was lucky to start playing organized sports when I was 5 years old, starting with t-ball and soccer. Eventually, soccer became my sport of choice all throughout my adolescence but I also dabbled in tap dancing, softball, swimming, diving and took care of other athletes as an athletic trainer. College brought new athletic experiences and took the competition to a new level with the women's rugby team at Oxy! After college I decided I didn't want to witness any more broken bones so I moved on to ultimate frisbee as a team sport which has slightly less contact.

    Knowing that my boredom with big box gyms was catching up with me athletically, I took a cue from a fellow ultimate player and started CrossFtting in 2011 at Merge. My athletic confidence and surprise at my own abilities has never been better and I'm excited to continue CrossFitting, coaching and learning from everyone in this awesome community into the future.


  • Chevy Kouladjian

    CF Gymnastics

    Chevy Koul is a leader in sports, training, and business. As a youth, played on numerous Basketball teams. During High School, started on Crescenta Valley Falcons football team, finishing an undefeated 10-0 division record in 2002. While achieving high marks in all his classes, playing football, working on weekends, and attended Pasadena City College. One of the very few individuals that can claim to have a college final on HS graduation day.

    While having a BA in Finance and Economics, got black belt in Martial Arts. Studied multiple forms of Kung Fu including Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi, and Southern Wing Chun.

    After looking for ways to improve his martial arts for full body contact tournaments in Las Vegas, NV., Chevy tried lots of resources. Doing 2 hours of Ashtanga Yoga 3-6 days a week for a year and half. During the same time period, Chevy found CrossFit. That was over 2 years ago. After 6 months of doing CrossFit, Chevy started doing intense studies on all the techniques and looked for many ways to improve his CrossFit game.

    Currently, Chevy applied, got accepted, and is studying LAW at an ABA school in Downtown, Los Angeles, while attaining the CrossFit Level 1 cert and specialty Cert in Gymnastics. Chevy continues to train, coach, and study CrossFit. He is hoping to achieve multiple specialty certs in the coming months.

    Favorite part about CrossFit: That it is for everyone. CrossFit is based on weakness and not strength. It rewards people with the least amount of weakness. It focuses on what you can't do versus what you can do. Never have I seen or heard of a sport or training program that does that. My favorite part is that "it works!" And I will say that a lot. CrossFit works.

    Favorite Lift: My favorite lift is the Overhead Squat. It is an over exaggeration of so many other lifts. A flaw that is not noticeable in those other lifts becomes abundantly clear on the overhead squat.

    Favorite Movement in a WOD: RUN!!! Nothing is better in this world than running. I use run a lot. I didn't know there was a way to run. While doing CrossFit, we learned the Pose method and that changed my life. No more pain where it shouldn't be.

    Favorite Male and Female CrossFit Athlete: Hands down, there is only one person to mention and that is Rich Froning. The greatest CrossFitter on Earth. I am a huge fan of Sam Briggs on the female side. I think Sam Briggs is very competitive and has a hard work ethic.

    Other Interests: I am part of multiple Food and Wine groups. I use to be a professional Chess player and still play at a club level. I love to travel. A devout Christian. I enjoy opening up the Bible and discussing passages for hours. Also, I am a huge MOVIE BUFF. Do not be shocked if we run into each other at the Theaters. =]


  • Delaney Narducci

    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

    Growing up in a small town, I participated in every sport imaginable because, well… I had to, or there wouldn't be enough people to make a team! But besides that, I also loved playing sports, mainly because of the amazing friendships I formed over the years. But also because, the competitor in me knew that I could keep getting better at something, the more I practiced it. When I got to college, playing sports and being active both slowly faded out of my life. In just three short years, I gained 45 pounds and completely lost sense of what it meant to be healthy. This is when I knew it was time to get back in shape for good. A few months later when I moved to LA, my brother’s girlfriend invited me to join her at CrossFit Merge, and I haven’t left since!

    CrossFit gave me a new opportunity to regain my identity as an athlete, and to see new measurable successes, like the ones I enjoyed so much while playing sports. Not only that, CrossFit made finding friends in a new city a whole lot easier. I know that’s because, even though you mostly workout by yourself, you know you’re not alone because the person next to you is going through the same thing. This aspect of CrossFit creates a strong sense of camaraderie and I love that part, it’s like being back on a team.

    After years of doing CrossFit, becoming a coach was just the icing on an already stacked cake! Teaching others to (re)discover their hidden potential and strength and to see themselves as athletes, is an absolute privilege, and is something I look forward to every day I coach.


  • Jason Orona

    Jason was born and raised in Los Angeles. His passion is to see individuals grow in all facets of life. He is a proud Marine Corps veteran. Through his military service he learned the importance of honor, courage and commitment. He applies these values to his everyday life as an athlete and coach.

    Jason played Baseball, Football and ran track in High School. He was first introduced to CrossFit in 2007 by his friend Jeremy Kinnick and was instantly hooked. The workouts were awesome but what he loved most about CrossFit was the community!

    “I want to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. The big picture is that together we can push ourselves beyond what we could ever imagine. I want to be around positive people who want me to succeed as much as I want the same for them. Where there is love, there is growth.”

    Jason has a BA in sociology from Cal State Fullerton. When not at the gym he likes to go on hikes, explore the hidden gems of Los Angeles, walk his dog at the Echo Park lake and attend sporting events.

    Jason holds the following certifications:
    CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
    CrossFit Endurance