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Important Notes

This Friday, and Saturday marks the return of our Bring a Friend Days.  What does that mean?  Simple, you can bring as many friends with you to any of our group classes those days.  The workouts will be scalable for anyone’s level of fitness. Here are some good tips to help...

Athlete Spotlight – Lilit Abraamyan

I’m honored to present to you Lilit Abraamyan! Lilit is an incredible human being. Since day one she has displayed the characteristics of an exceptional person, athlete, and friend. Her smile lights up a room and her strength both physically and emotionally is breathtaking....

Your Amigos

Remember, this Friday and Saturday, is our ‘Bring A Friend’ days!  They’re back! What does that mean? That means you can bring as many friends as you want to any of those classes on those days.  Friends on friends on friends…we want you to bring them in...

Mobility Mondays

Happy Monday Mergers! Don’t forget our Bring-A-Friend (or 2) Days are this Friday and Saturday. Share your love for CrossFit with that co-worker that’s been asking about Paleo! Or that friend that is always commenting on your Facebook pictures It’s going to be a...

Sunday 10/19/2014

Yay Randy! Skill: 3 push presses 18 minutes increasing in weight Workout For time: 30 wall ball shots (20/14# for women) 100 push presses (50% of skill but don’t exceed 75/53) 1000 meter row

Saturday 10/18/2014

All Levels and Beginner Skill: 5 bench press 20 minutes, increasing in weight Workout 4 rounds for max reps of: 45 seconds max row for calories 15 seconds rest/rotate 45 seconds max side shuffles to cones 15 seconds rest/rotate 45 seconds of max kettlebell swings (53/35# for...

Another Thomas!

Let’s give a warm CrossFit Merge welcome to Jane Agatha Thomas, born on October 13th to OG members Sarah and Fred. Sarah credits her super easy delivery to her consistent back squatting through a whopping 37 weeks of pregnancy; her words, not mine! She also says the easy...

Friends on Friends

Put the word out now, because next week on Friday and Saturday, October 24th and October 25th, is our Bring a Friend Days! Any class on those days, and as many friends as you want, are welcome to join you and us for some CrossFit! We look forward to meeting all your friends next...


I’d like to discuss progress a tad bit. Often times we get caught up in numbers. How much did I lift? How much did he lift? Why are they getting PRs and why am I not? etc. Progress is an interesting monster…Read this article from Catalyst Athletics:...

Throwdown Time!

The CrossFit Merge Pumpkin Spice Throwdown is going down on November 8th! So be sure to clear your schedules that day and sign-up at the gym.  It’s $10 for Merge members and $20 for non Merge members. The movement list for each division is posted at the gym as well as here....