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The Sin Of Pride

Is pride holding you back and blunting your progress? Here are some examples of how pride keeps you from reaching your full potential. -You’re sharing a barbell on a rack, and your partner has a little bit more weight on the bar than what you were planning on doing...

Labor Day Mobility

Happy Labor Day, guys! I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful and restful time.  Don’t forget our modified schedule for today: 9:00 AM All Levels 10:00 AM All Levels and then you’re all free to go home Enjoy your mobility homework for this 2014 Labor Day! Skill:...

Sunday 8/31/2014

Labor Day – Tomorrow – only 2 classes! 9 am and 10 am All Levels. Skill 2 deadlifts 15 minutes building up in weight Workout Full Tabata of: rowing for calories (count total calories) Rest 1 minute Full Tabata of: abmat sit-ups (count total sit-ups) Rest 1 minute Full...

Saturday 8/30/2014

Happy Saturday Mergers! Don’t forget, Labor Day (Monday) special schedule: 9 AM All Levels and 10 AM All Levels ONLY! All Levels and Beginner Class Skill 1 hang power snatch 20 minutes building up in weight Workout 10 minute AMRAP of: 7 hang power snatches (65% of skill) 7...

Diet Versus Template

Here’s the scenario.  You’re at work when a coworker offers you the last jelly doughnut.  You of course, politely decline. You:  No thanks.  I’m doing a nutrition and lifestyle challenge at my gym.  It’s Paleo based. Coworker:  Oh, I’ve heard of...

When Good Paleo Goes Bad

Trying this Paleo gig can yield some pretty remarkable results. Eating a diet comprised of meats and fish, loads of veggies, fruit, and then rounding it out with healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados can be your path toward a fitter, healthier, and better looking life. But,...

Continuing with the Nutrition Theme…

Yesterday you read an excellent article on the 9 Steps to Perfect Health.  Well, I thought it would be nice to continue with the nutrition theme and talk a little bit about Starbucks.  How many of you need your regular cup of Joe?  Do you have any idea of what ingredients are...

Paleo = Low Carbs??? Question Mark?

So, we’re kicking off our 2014 Merge Nutrition Challenge, and a lot of you are wondering about carbs… …you know, carbohydrates.  That’s your veggies, fruit, breads, starches, and sugars.  Now I know a lot of you think Paleo means low carb or no carb, but...

Mobility Mondays

And our Nutrition Challenge kicks off TODAY!! Get ready to make some amazing gains and transformations in the next 30 days.  Don’t forget that the more dedicated, committed, and determined you are about the changes you’re making, the better results you’re going...

Sunday 8/24/2014

Sunday In teams of 2: 4 rounds: 800 meter row 30 pull ups 40 wall ball shots (20/14# for women) 50 box jumps (24/20″ for women) *one person works at a time, switch reps whenever you want D1 looking strong!