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Sunday 12/21/2014

  Justine and Adam raising the roof!!   100 meter sprints x 8 Record the slowest and fastest times

Saturday 12/20/2014

Alex eager to get into the box to get an awesome WOD.  Are you coming in? Skill: 4 back squats 18 minutes, increasing in weight Workout 2 rounds for time of: 25 burpee pull-ups 800 meter run Barbell WOD C Build up to 90% of 1 rep max clean and jerk, then 2 drop sets of 2 reps at...

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget (like you could, right?) that our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is going down this Saturday! All your friends and family are welcome to join us!  The more the merrier!  See you there! Click here for the invite and for all the party details! And if you party too...

Special Orders

Don’t forget to place an order if you want a Merge hoodie or a custom color Strong Man or Strong Woman shirt.   There are tons of colors to choose from on both the shirts and hoodies. You can email bryce@crossfitmerge.com or place an order at the gym. Cat looking...

Athlete Spotlight – Alexia and Sam

I think that the Cute Couple of the Year Award should go to Sam and Alexia! If you haven’t met this dynamic duo, you are certainly missing out! Talk about an awesome team. Alexia has got to be one of the sweetest, most genuine, hard working girls I have ever met. Most of us...

Hoodie Up!

We taking orders now for our navy blue and black hoodie! Sign up sheet is at the gym and now’s your chance to grab yours.  We only order these one time a year, so don’t miss out! Tuesday All Levels and Beginner Class Skill: 6 front squats Intermediate Class Skill: 2...

Mobility Mondays

Take some time to mobilize this week! Tracey is awesome! Monday Skill: 2 hang power cleans Workout 3 rounds for time of: 400 meter run 10 hang power cleans 10 lateral hop burpees

Sunday 12/14/2014

Loc, showing us how it’s done! Sunday “Whitten” Five rounds for time of: 22 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood 22 Box jump, 24 inch box Run 400 meters 22 Burpees 22 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Saturday 12/13/2014

Sebastien, always training! Saturday All Levels and Beginner Class Skill: 3 thrusters 15 minutes, increasing in weight Workout 12 minute AMRAP of: 7 toes to bar 7 thrusters (75% of skill) 40 double-unders Beginner Workout 12 minute AMRAP of: 7 knee raises 7 thrusters 60...

Fight Gone Bad – Friday Style

Not that you have to choose, because CrossFit blends both of these types of training, but if you had to…which would it be?  Weightlifting or Gymnastics? All Classes Fight Gone Bad Style 3 rounds for max reps of: 1 minute of max: farmer’s carry 1 minute of max: row for...