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Throwdown Event 2

If you haven’t heard, Event 2 of the CrossFit Merge Pumpkin Spice Throwdown is: Advanced and Intermediate divisions: In 7 minutes, find a 1 rep max hang clean Beginner division: In 7 minutes, find a 1 rep max front squat Remember, November 8th is the big day, so be sure to...

CrossFit Myths

How many CrossFit myths have you heard?! Here are a few Fact vs. Fiction from WOD Planet…How many more can you list and debunk?! Myth: You have to “prepare” to start doing CrossFit. The Facts: The best way to get better at CrossFit, is to do CrossFit. Many who believe t...

Thank You

Thank you for bringing in your friends last week! They were super motivated and brave in tackling CrossFit with such enthusiasm. Griselda’s friend, Mark, was so fired up, he even got Griselda hustling at 9:30am…on a Saturday no less. Tuesday All Classes Skill: 300...

Mobility Mondays

Thank you all for bringing your friends and family to our Bring-A-Friend Days! It’s always so much fun to get to meet everyone and see you all shine in your CrossFit glory   Here’s your mobility homework for the week: Annie’s competing in the Pumpkin Spice...

Sunday 10/26/2014

SkillL: 3 hang power cleans, no setting the bar on the floor between reps 15 minutes, increasing in weight. Workout: 6 rounds for max front squats of: 1 rounds is: In 90 seconds, perform 3 hang power cleans, then amrap of front squats (use 80% of skill weight) Rest 30 seconds

Saturday 10/25/2014 – BAF Days!!

How many of you are bringing in your friends?! Skill: 3 presses 15 minutes, increasing in weight Workout Teams of 2 or 3 18 minute AMRAP of: 20 thrusters (45/33# for women) 10 hand release push-ups 20 striders or lunges 100 meter run by each

Yay! They’re Here

Bring a Friend, or Many, Days are finally here! We’re way excited to meet your friends here at Merge. Pearse is saying ‘hallelujah’ for Bring a Friend Day! Friday All Classes Skills: agility drills and review workout movements Workout In teams of 2, 3 or 4, 24...

Important Notes

This Friday, and Saturday marks the return of our Bring a Friend Days.  What does that mean?  Simple, you can bring as many friends with you to any of our group classes those days.  The workouts will be scalable for anyone’s level of fitness. Here are some good tips to help...

Athlete Spotlight – Lilit Abraamyan

I’m honored to present to you Lilit Abraamyan! Lilit is an incredible human being. Since day one she has displayed the characteristics of an exceptional person, athlete, and friend. Her smile lights up a room and her strength both physically and emotionally is breathtaking....

Your Amigos

Remember, this Friday and Saturday, is our ‘Bring A Friend’ days!  They’re back! What does that mean? That means you can bring as many friends as you want to any of those classes on those days.  Friends on friends on friends…we want you to bring them in...