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Your Friends Rock!

Thank you for all the recent referrals!  Your friends are always great additions to our community, so we love having them come in to try out CrossFit with us. And remember, if you have a referral that joins our CrossFit program, you get $150 taken off your membership!  Pretty...

Nutrition Challenge!

Here at Merge, all you really have to do is ask and we will do whatever we can to make it happen. A lot of you have been asking for a Nutrition Challenge where we can all come together as a box and get stronger. Well, be on  the lookout for more details as we will be starting...

Games High

I hope everyone’s is still on that CrossFit Games high from this past weekend!  If you are, that great because we have a terrific week of training in store for you. Just a quick schedule note, there will be no 9am class this Saturday, August 2nd.  All other classes that day...

Mobility Mondays

Here’s your homework for the week!! Enjoy and apply!! Monday All Classes Skill: Score each individual time 400 meter run x 3 2 minutes rest between Try to maintain all run times within 10 seconds of each other. Workout 10 rounds of: 1 minute of: run 100 meters then AMRAP...

Sunday 7/27/2014

Sunday Skill Review movements Workout Hot Shots – retest WOD from March 30th 6 rounds for time: 30 air squats 19 power cleans 135/95 or kettlebell swings for beginners 7 strict pull ups 400m run

Saturday 7/26/2014

Saturday All Levels and Beginner Skill: Ring hold practice Level 1 – jump to support Level 2 – palms turned out Level 3 – palms turned out to ring dip Level 4 – iron cross progressions with band Workout In teams of 2, for total reps In 5 minutes, run large...

Game Time!

The CrossFit Games are this weekend! The best athletes in the sport of CrossFit throw down in a four day competition to be crowned the Fittest on Earth. The sport has seen tremendous growth in such a short time, and if you’re not heading down to Carson to watch it live,...

A Whole New Look

Have you noticed the newly redesigned Pro Shop?    We made it easier for you to find all the cool Merge shwag you wanna sport and we added some new products as well. Be on the look out for emails and blog posts about some of the new supplements to help you train better and...

Athlete Spotlight – Christian Port

Let me introduce to you Christian Port. Christian is an amazing person! Aside from the fact that he has got to be one of the sweetest people in the world, always kind, happy, and pleasant, he’s one heck of an athlete. He truly epitomizes hard work, humility, and dedication....

We Bring The Fun

Big thanks to everyone that joined us for bowling last Saturday!  It was great seeing everyone out and about!  Big thanks for Pat for snapping some great photos of all the fun. Um, looks like more drinking than bowling going on here, but trust me, people were definitely throwing...