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The “how” and “why” of WODTime

Blog entry by Coach RaNaye Carrigan There are a few things that are recommended for athletes to include in their post-workout rituals. Among these things are stretching and rolling out, having some protein or a post-workout meal, and, I bet you can guess it, LOGGING YOUR SCORE!...

July Athlete of the Month: Elyssa Rivero

It’s our honor and privilege to introduce to you, Ms. Elyssa Rivero. Elyssa has got be one of the sweetest, most dedicated, coolest gals at our box! She is truly the epitome of an athlete. Everything she does is with determination. Her growth as a crossfitter has been...

June Athlete of the Month: Anna Mkhitaryan

Anna is a dedicated Merge athlete who has recently hit her CF year mark. She consistency comes to class and works diligently to challenge herself. She is a great energy to have in class – extremely encouraging and supportive of the group – while also maintaining her...

A Little About Membership Holds

A little discussion about Membership Holds In the past, you were able to put your membership on hold for up to 30 days with a one year contract, or 2 weeks, with a contract of less duration, for a minimum of 7 days at a time.  Your credit card continued to get charged, and you...

Explaining Memberships

A little discussion about Memberships: I believe that we are almost all on the same page on this, but just to clarify, here are a few things about your Memberships: All of your existing contracts, agreements, and payments with CrossFit Merge have not changed, unless you clearly...

Build Up Series Explained

The Build-Up Series is the name of the on-boarding classes for new CrossFitters wanting to try CrossFit at CFER or CFM.  The series consists of 6 total classes (3 per week for 2 weeks) in which athletes learn, practice, and execute the nine foundational movements of CrossFit,...

Explaining Different Levels for WODs

What are “levels” (Rx, L3, L2, and L1) for WODs? Our objective with the leveling system is to allow for all athletes to have a similar workout. If we think a workout should be 3-6 minutes we want all athletes to have the capacity to complete the workout within that time frame. If...

Mobility Assignment!

Hello all! Here’s your weekly mobility assignment. Get that scapula workin’ just right! Urbanie is one of our most dedicated athletes.  She’s consistent and never gives up.  We are so proud to call her one of our own! ‘ Workout:...

Free Running Clinic with Coach Erika Hall!!

Does running hurt and feel like a struggle? Do you skip class anytime you see running as part of the workout? Do you wonder what your running friends enjoy about it? Join me for this fun, hands on clinic and learn my top running form tips that will increase your speed and...