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Athlete of the Month: Pat Boquiren

Meet Pat Boquiren. She is a regular at CrossFit Merge, and has been a member for a number of years. Pat has shown a high level of commitment and dedication to her fitness and technique. She frequently puts in extra time at the box, and she is always willing to help out other...

December Athlete of the Month: Sinead Murphy

Sinead is a loyal athlete of the 6:00 am class. She is extremely hard-working and dedicated, and she always walks through the door in the morning with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Get up early this month to join her for a class and congratulate her on all of her...

November Athlete of the Month: Andrea Narvaez

Meet Andrea Narvaez! Andrea is about to hit her 1-year CrossFit anniversary. Andrea has been working incredibly hard and has been very dedicated to her workouts. We love the positivity and energy that she brings to the box, and she is always welcoming to others. We are excited to...

Nine Month WOD

By Des Chandler In Bayley Lawrence’s article titled “Nine-Month WOD”, she discusses her experience CrossFitting while pregnant. The first pregnancy that I can remember being heavily involved in was my oldest sister’s pregnancy when I was 9 years old.  Since the age of 10 I’ve...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #24 – Jon Snow

CrossFit America! I took three days off. Why? Because I f*$king needed it! That’s why! Don’t ever question my motives. I’m sorry, ya’ll. I didn’t mean to snap. I’m tired. I’m cranky. And mostly, I hate these friggin’ Wall Walks....

Guest Blog Post – Workout #23 – Jon Snow

It started in a text message exchange, CrossFit America. It went precisely like this: Me: Just realized that the only class left is the noon. But it’s a terrible workout. And my shoulders are somehow even MORE fucking sore. I’m on the fence. Allen (supposedly my...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #22 – Jon Snow

Good news, my little CrossFit Bastardos! I’m not sore! Maybe I didn’t jinx myself after all! (Says the man who can barely lift a thumb to punch this out in the lobby after today’s madness of a workout.) Eff it. Let’s eat! Today’s workout: Elevator...

August Athlete of the Month: Allan Rabina

Let me introduce to you Mr. Allan Rabina.  Allan is truly one of those people that will really blow you out of the water! He is so determined, consistent, and will fight through anything in order make himself better.  In the year that we’ve had him here, he has gone above...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #21 – Jon Snow

Okay you sons of mothers! (What? Don’t judge my cleanliness! My mom might read this, and I want her to still believe I’m a nice son of a bitch.) It’s two days after my first Oly class, and I’m freakin’ ready to tear some shit up! I really don’t...