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August Athlete of the Month: Allan Rabina

Let me introduce to you Mr. Allan Rabina.  Allan is truly one of those people that will really blow you out of the water! He is so determined, consistent, and will fight through anything in order make himself better.  In the year that we’ve had him here, he has gone above...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #21 – Jon Snow

Okay you sons of mothers! (What? Don’t judge my cleanliness! My mom might read this, and I want her to still believe I’m a nice son of a bitch.) It’s two days after my first Oly class, and I’m freakin’ ready to tear some shit up! I really don’t...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #20 – Jon Snow

I’m going for the gold, CrossFit America! Hell yeah! Olympic weightlifting! Or “Oly” as it’s better known in CrossFit’s world. And no, not the kind that Tony Hawk does. That would be a lot cooler though. I popped my Oly cherry, CrossFit America!...

September 30th, 2015 – Jon Snow

I made a mistake, CrossFit America. I came to The Box too early. I saw the workout. I didn’t want to see the workout, ya’ll. It’s stuff I hate doing. Son of a… Today makes 4 workouts this week, and I ain’t leavin’ now. Let’s effin’...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #18 – Jon Snow

1…2…3! Ah, ah, ah, CrossFit America! (You know, The Count. From Sesame Street. I can hear you judging me from here. Aw, the hell with it!) That’s 3 days in a row! I know, I know. No big deal. It’s been done. Hell, I’ve even done it once already, but...

Guest Post Blog – Workout #17 – Jon Snow

This is the strangest church I’ve been to. Such a weird way to genuflect, and I don’t see an altar, or a god or nothin’! I don’t even know who or what I’m supposed to worship. Maybe the God of shredded guts and large pectoral muscles. Who...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #15 – Jon Snow

Good news, CrossFit America! The heat might be breaking finally! No progress on what might possibly be this Baker’s Cyst. But it’s not worse. So ima keep on truckin’. Cool? Let’s go! Today’s workout: Fight Gone Bad 3 rounds AMRAP 1 min per station 1...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #16 – Jon Snow

I gotta be honest, Crossfit America. I’m not exactly sure I should be at The Box today. I’m still not sure what’s going on with this knee and the alleged Baker’s Cyst that may or may not exist back there. I see the Doc on Wednesday. I wasn’t going to...

Guest Blog Post – Workout #14 – Jon Snow

Okay CrossFit America! I’m back you little bastardos! And I’m nervous. See, this is my first workout* since I had to get my L3 adjusted by the friendly chiro-super-dude. *I workout more than I post, so I try to keep it simple by posting only 3 times a week. “A...