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September 2011

Monday in High Gear

Way to start Monday off with a scorcher workout.  Big week of training coming up, including Fight Gone Bad 6 this Saturday.  So get pumped! Skill: Thrusters 5 sets of 2 reps at the same weight Use about 70% of your 1 rep max and stay fluid with the movement Rest 60 seconds...

The Weekend Happenings

Here’s a review of what went down this past weekend at the Next Level Invitational (NLI) competition in Costa Mesa.  On Saturday, our very own Coach Andie headed down to the Orange County Marketplace to compete in the NLI CrossFit competition.  One day, three workouts, lots...

Faster & Stronger

Heavy squats, pull-ups, double-unders…yeah, it was a full day yesterday at CrossFit Merge.  But you CrossFitters killed it.  People were setting PRs on the front squat, cranking out unassisted pull-ups, and linking together super smooth and efficient double-unders.  Not too...

Wednesday, September 8

Raise your hand if you got a PR yesterday on the power clean or back squat.  That was many of you.  Mechanics, technique, and just good old fashion hard work in the training leads to great results.   Speaking of training hard, Coach Andie has been putting in some serious hours at...

Kelly Kicking It Off

Great job yesterday on the benchmark WOD Kelly.  Lots of running, jumping, and throwing.  It was hot yesterday and Kelly is longer workout, but that didn’t stop Chris H., Coach Cory, and Kenny from posting sub 24 minute times.  Nice job, fellas. Skill: Mobility Hip Prep...

It’s September

Fall is approaching, school is back in session, and we have a lot of good training going on this week at CrossFit Merge.  Benchmark workouts, 1 rep maxes, and a team WOD are all on the agenda for this week. Sunday’s Skill: 2 attempts to find your 15 rep max overhead squat...

No Rest on Labor Day

If you’re choosing not to take the day off, here’s a WOD you can do.  The Burpee Mile Go to a track or park with a mile long course.  Start timer and then run 1 mile, stopping at the beginning of each minute to do burpees.  At minute 1, do one burpee, minute two,...

Squat or Deadlift

On Monday we did high volume back squats at about 80% of your 1 rep max.  It was heavy, hard, and probably left you sore and tired at the end of the last set.  And that was the intent.  You won’t get stronger and adapt unless you overload the body.  But here’s another...