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September 2011

Get Ready for 2012

The dust has settled from the 2011 CrossFit Games.  We crowned the fittest man and women in a three day competition that included a swim in the ocean, handstand walking, olympic weightlifting, rope climbs, monkey bars, sled drags, and just plain old guts.  So, it’s now time...

Are We Maniacs?

Take a few minutes to read this article from Penny Love Hoff of the Huffington Post.   Is CrossFit Only For Maniacs? She admits that her only research on CrossFit is from some YouTube videos.  She’s never been to a CrossFit gym for a class, yet she makes some pretty bold...

5 Things Every CrossFitter Should Do

This list come courtesy of CrossFit Lisbeth. 1.) Check out the WOD on CrossFit each day. You don’t have to follow it, but you should at least see what the mainpage is producing each day because there’s a lot of innovation there. 2.) Hand care. Enough with the bloody hand photos!...

No Shortcuts Here

CrossFit is gaining more attention.  Professional football players like Chad Ochocinco and Matt Hasselbeck have incorporated CrossFit into their training, and ESPN is broadcasting highlights from the 2011 CrossFit Games for a whole new audience to see remarkable feats of...

A Video For Everyone

Here are some CrossFit videos to motivate, inspire, and educate you for this week’s training.  Enjoy. Old school video of Jon Gilson giving tips to fix the squat. http://www.againfaster.com/the-micd-instructor/2008/4/19/fixing-the-squat.html A very inspiration video of just...

Below Parallel Each Time, Every Time

At the heart of all CrossFit movements is the squat.  It’s the first movement one learns at the Level 1 Certification Seminar, and if I could only do one movement for the rest of my life, it would probably be a tough choice between the squat and the barbell wrist curl....

Injuries Happen

Here’s an excerpt from Freddy C. up at CrossFit One World regarding injuries.  Some good nuggets of information in here on injuries and also putting your fitness in perspective. “Haters always circle their wagons and argue that everyone is getting hurt doing CrossFit....

Fighting for a Cause

Great job over the weekend on Fight Gone Bad.  You, along with thousands of other CrossFit gyms and hundreds of thousands of fellow CrossFitters, put in the time, learned the movements, planned out a strategy, and most important, put 100% toward the workout.  Thank you for...

10 Way to Improve at CrossFit

Courtesy of CrossFit Leander 1. Leave Your Expectations At The Door This is not P90X, Yoga or Zumba.  This is Crossfit.  The path we take to reach physical excellence is unlike the aforementioned activities and expecting otherwise based on past experiences will only serve as an...

The Healthlift

PRs galore yesterday on the 1 rep max deadlift.  Great effort and results from everyone.  The body was designed and wants to pick up heavy objects, and that you did yesterday. Skill: Max Deadlift 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 (set a new PR) Workout...