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August 2011


If you’re a CrossFit geek, you’ve probably heard the line “Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains (IWCABTMD).”  And if that doesn’t sell you on CrossFit, then I’m not sure anything will.  But in all seriousness, improved...

How Much Weight Is This?

When we do strength training we want to go heavy.  Simply put, if the weight is never challenging in terms of load, it never forces the body to adapt and get stronger.  Only by overloading the system do we see the physiological adaptations we are seeking.  That being said, you...

Fight Gone Bad Explained

If you don’t know what the Fight Gone Bad workout is, then you’re probably not sure what the whole Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraiser and event is about.  So watch the video (don’t get too scared) then register here to begin raising funds to benefit CrossFit Kids and...


Yesterday was Mateo’s last day at CrossFit Merge.  He’s going back to the east coast for school but promises he’ll return to the gym during the winter and summer breaks next year.   Mateo started CrossFit in May with not much experience in strength and...

Getting in the Fight

Another reason to sign up for Fight Gone Bad 6, taking place on Saturday, September 17th.  Sign up and start raising funds, CrossFitters.  Let your friends, family, and anyone else know that you’re doing this 17 minute WOD to support people like Keith Zeier....

How to use Chalk

Chalk is an indispensable part of CrossFit. Pullups, barbell lifts, ring work, kettlebell snatches and swings, grip work. Dust a little across your shoulders when cleaning heavy and smatter some on your back for squats and good mornings. I like a little on my hands to prevent...

Dead on Monday

Don’t forget to register for Fight Gone Bad 6.  Then start gathering donations, letting people know you’re doing the workout/fundraiser event in CrossFit to honor and support wounded veterans.  Skill: Deadlift 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 Workout of the Day (WOD):...

Fight Gone Bad 6

Mark your calendars, this year’s Fight Gone Bad event is going down on September 17th at the gym.  What is this you ask?  Fight Gone Bad is a classic, 17 minute long, CrossFit WOD that is done annually in September as fundraiser event to benefit fallen and wounded military...

Primal Nerds Unite

If you couldn’t make it to the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA earlier this month, here are videos of the lectures.  This was a who’s who gathering of all the big paleo primal names, Dr. Eades, Dr. Lalonde, and Robb Wolf.  Lots of good information to geek out on....

The Box Rules

Here are CrossFit Merge’s Gym Rules made official with a posting on the internet: 1.  Arrive early and stay late. Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience, and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of...