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March 2011

Fit for the Revolution

I work for the Revolution. We don’t have spiffy uniforms or big command centers. Our headquarters has no easily-found phone number. We are a ragtag group of athletes, and we gather mostly in warehouses and industrial areas. Sometimes in parks or public spaces, until somebody...

Top Gear for the Die-hard CrossFitter

CrossFitters are different.  We’ve abandoned the tired and typical gym routine of curls, leg extensions, and 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and snatches are now part of our vocabulary.  And with this change in training and exercise comes unique...

Top 10 Ways to Blunt Your Potential

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Blunt Your Athletic Potential.  Courtesy of Freddy C. at CrossFit One World. Not having goals, both short term and long term. A fitness regimen with no goals is like driving to a destination you have never been to before without a map or directions....

How to Focus Your Brain

“Who can cross a busy road better, a varsity wrestler or a psychology major?”  The results of this study about athletes and brain focus were interesting, to say the least.  Here is one excerpt: “the constant multitasking and information processing demanded by...

Fitness Standards

I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad.  This is a pretty staggering statistic, only 1 in 3 California students earned a “healthy” score on the state’s physical fitness test.  The test includes a one mile run, push-ups, and curl-ups (I assume...

Shirts Are In!

No, not as in shirts are back in style, because that would mean they went out of style.  But rather CrossFit Merge T-Shirt have arrived!  Get yours now because they’re selling fast, especially since I reduced the price from 200 burpees to only $20. Wednesday’s Skill:...

Out With The Scale

“Muscle weighs more than fat.”  We’ve all heard that before.  But that’s imprecise and not actually true.  It’s sort of like saying, which weighs more, 100 pounds of bricks or 100 pounds of feathers. 5 pounds of muscle weigh the same as 5 pounds of...

Action Packed Monday

Awesome workout yesterday!  It definitely felt like a Monday session with lots of high energy to start off the week.  Great job on a tough workout. Skill: 3 max sets of weighted pull-ups 3 max sets of band assisted pull-ups (Elements Class) Workout of the Day (WOD) Football Gone...

Competition Weekend

Some people think CrossFit is only for the super fit.  They see the videos of shirtless guys tossing weights all over the place and doing an insane number of pull-ups and think that’s what CrossFit is all about.  And while the elite CrossFitters compete on a global stage,...

How To Get the Double Under

You’re strong and can deadlift 500 pounds.  You run a 6 minute mile.  You knock out 50 pull-ups in your warm-up.  You’re pretty fit, right?  Then you try the double-under with the jump rope, and all that strength, all that speed, and all that power does nothing for...